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We are passionate about building tools that save time and improve productivity.

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  Send Large Files (Binfer)

Binfer is a file transfer utility to send and receive large files of any size and any quantity without uploading them anywhere or using complicated FTP setup. 

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  Virtual Office Collaboration Tools (voCollab)

voCollab is smart collaboration tool where conversations, documents, events and tasks are all connected and kept in context.

Track Search Rankings

  Track Search Rankings

Rank Tracking Tool is an online utility to automatically track search rankings of keywords across top search engines in order to monitor and optimize the search engine optimization(SEO) strategy.


In today's business environment, technology is not only essential but indispensable to maintain a competitive advantage.  It is no longer sufficient to add technology as a line item in the business plan's cost section. It deserves its own section; a technology plan section.

If you are a small business or a startup and

  • Your product or service needs/depends on technology or
  • You are looking to leverage technology as a competitive edge or
  • You wish to simply improve your implementation, or
  • Just need some advice,

then you can benefit from our consultancy service.

globalsoftlink consultancy

   Technology Consultancy

Our consultancy is designed and priced for small business and startups. Gain from our knowledge and experience. We will help you create and implement a cost-effective technology plan and strategy tailored to your business and needs.

We specialize in large data transfer technology, enterprise portals, productivity and collaboration software.